Calories in one Egg

Calories in an egg can be counted perfectly and the number of calories from any specific nutrients of an egg can also be found out. This is why, the doctors or nutritionists can easily suggest a person that which part of an egg will be effective for that person. However, if you don’t have any particular health issue, you can eat the full egg. Eating one egg daily can keep your body fit and will ensure the healthy and strong lifestyle. In fact, we know that calories in one egg can keep you fresh for a long time. The calculation of calories count will certainly be beneficial for the people who still do not know the strength of an egg. One is not much weighty and in comparison to that people get much more calories from an egg. In an egg of average size the calories count will be shown for those people who like to know about the calories and nutrients of an egg.

Calories in one Egg

Calories in one egg

In case of different types of food items it is really important to have a good protein and other nutrients which will provide you energy and will supplement for the daily works. To say about an egg, egg provides very necessary and important nutrients unlike some other common types of food. Most of the people will agree with me that there is nothing so easy as preparing an egg. In fact boiled egg is much easier to get. In an egg there are 78 calories on an average. However, the number can be bit different depending on the size, as it can be tiny in size or jumbo. We usually get an egg which will contain normally 78 calories. Moreover, the most important source of calories from an egg is the protein. There will be around 6 grams of protein in a full egg. In fact, there are some other nutrients which are also essential element of an egg and provides a good amount of calories for human body. Vitamin, omega 3 fatty acid, minerals, etc. are also in high amount in an egg. Considering all these factors egg is a must for our diet.

Actually, there is a very interesting fact of egg. If you boil the egg you are getting around 80 calories, on the other hand, if you fry that egg you will get around 95 calories. However, calories in one egg can produce much energy to sustain few hours properly in a day. If you have the habit to eat egg regularly it will be very effective for you. Regular input of that much protein and vitamin, mineral, fatty acid, etc. will surely make you much stronger and healthier. Moreover, the nutritionists suggest to add an egg per day to make a balanced diet. It can also be used as the substitute for different other food items. In fact, there are some such nutrients which our body cannot produce by itself and get it easily from an egg. This can be another reason for suggesting egg in your diet.

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