Egg nutrition facts

Egg is very easily accessible food item all around the world. It is low in its cost but very effective for human body. Eating an egg per day can provide you a lot of nutrients which are daily necessities of our body. The body needs some rear nutrients like choline which cannot be produced by the human body. In that case, the body has to get it from another sources. Egg provides choline to fulfil the needs of the body. There are some facts about egg nutrition which we hardly know. There are two different parts in an egg. The white of the egg and the yolk. These two parts have different types of nutrients and both are necessary for our body Egg nutrition facts are explained in different ways by the nutritionists. However, here the most common facts will. be mentioned which are specified by all the nutritionists.

Egg nutrition facts

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In a full egg there will be total 74 calories. The fat will be around 4.97 grams. In addition the carbs will be very insignificant in amount. It will be around 0.38gram. The protein will be 6.29 grams in a complete egg. In details there will be 1.55 gram of saturated fat, 0.682 grams of polyunsaturated fat, and 1.905 grams of monounsaturated fat. 2.12 milligram of cholesterol and 70 milligrams of sodium will also be available in an egg. A complete egg will serve from different sides of a human body. The nutrients that will be available in an egg are very essential for a human body. To make a complete diet prescribed by a doctor or a nutritionist, an egg will be really important. There are some such nutrients which are really hard to provide to our body from other food items. In that case, egg will be easiest and most convenient food items to serve that particular need. A good amount of protein will provide enough strength to your body which can help a human body to be strong enough. However, those who want to lose their weight or do not like to take fatty food should eat only the white part of an egg. This is because, the white of an egg is fat-free and full of protein.

These above mentioned egg can help you to get specific idea about the nutrients which are available in an egg. It will also help the people to get the very necessary protein, and calories very easily. Those who want to lose fat and like to avoid food item which has fat, they can choose the white part of eggs. This is because, it is fat free and will not affect those who have cholesterol. That means, you are getting a good diet without any harmful nutrients in it. From the above mentioned egg nutrition facts, it is clear that the nutrients of both yolk and white of egg are essential to be taken. As one of the most convenient food items we can choose egg for getting all types of nutrients from a single diet.

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